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Masters Graduate Exhibition, Visual Arts Department at School of Music Art Design by Robyn Larkin.

Opening Function: 7 February from 18h00 to 20h00.
The exhibition will run weekdays from 08h00 - 16h00 until 27 February 2018


This is our fourth edition of The PEople's Story Slam. The theme this month is "Family." Who doesn't have a story about family? Let me know if you want to share a story from your life.
This event is just R10.

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The Department of Sport, Recreation, Arts and Culture will host Visual Arts Exhibition at the Athenaeum Art Gallery on the 25 November to 09 December 2016.The Nelson Mandela District Visual Arts Crafts has a mandate to develop and enhance the visual arts talent. The district is committed to hold an art exhibition annually in order to create and provide more opportunities for artists.
Visual artists play a vital role in social commentary. Their sensitivity to the world around them in both nature and human behaviour make artists highly alert to the evolution of events, the beauty of the creation around them and ills facing humankind.
The aim is to create an opportunity for artists to produce quality artworks that meets the required National Professional Standards. This exhibition is regarded as a build up for other exhibition.

Venue : Athenaeum Gallery
Duration of the Exhibition : 25 November - 09 December 2016
Submission of artworks : From the 18 November 09:00- 16:00 to 21 November 09:00 – 12:00
Selection of artworks : 21 November 13:00-16:00

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Let The Truth Be Told Exhibition

An exhibition of installation / Video and Miniature Shacks. This show will be a collaboration by Banele Njadayi, Bamanye Lethu Ngxale and Zinziswa Mavuso. These 3 Artists will be displaying a visual story of why the Red Location Museum was closed down by the Red Location Community.


Artworks for Youth represents Visual and Performance Arts Show by the Youth of Joe Slovo Township.

The show is free but please consider a donation so that they can continue working.

Date: Friday 1st April at 5;30 for 6PM
Venue: Athenaeum Studio 1, 7 Belmont Terrace, Central, PE

The Show runs until the 8th of April but the performance will only be on the opening night

Free Form Artists Vol.3: Three Must Sit Here

The exhibition is aimed at showcasing artworks of up and coming young artists in the Nelson Mandela Bay area. On the 11th of October and 3rd of December 2014, we successfully hosted previous exhibitions  at the Alliance Française and at Athenaeum in Port Elizabeth, titled Free Form Artists vol.1 and Free Form Artists vol.2: Me, Myself and I. This exhibition is a follow up, building on the momentum from the previous exhibitions and the exposure they has accumulated.

The collective will be made up of three artists, who are Thembalethu Manqunyana, Mandy Ndesi and Luthando Faku and  they will be showcasing their latest work.

The exhibition with Art performance will open on Friday 7th of August at 17h30 at Athenaeum's Studio 5, and runs until 31st of August.

21 Years of Democracy in the 21st Century

The Athenaeum is hosting an exhibition titled “21 Years of Democracy in the 21st Century”

The word democracy comes from two Greek words: demos which means “people” and kratos which means “power.” In other words, at its roots, democracy is about people’s power. During the struggle against apartheid, “Amandla awethu” (power to the people) was the rallying cry that resounded at meetings and marches. In essence, this was a call for democracy, for the people to govern.


As much as South Africa’s successful struggle for freedom and democracy is one of the most dramatic stories of our time. This exhibition is to encourage artists to take the stand and actually exercise their power and express their views on What does the 21 years democracy mean to each individual?


Artists are invited to submit up to 3 works on what the 21 years of Democracy means to them through any medium or material. This will be an open exhibition as the Athenaeum would like to allow everyone Freedom of entry and expression without being selected upon.



  1. South African Residents Artists of all ages working in any medium may enter this exhibition.

  2. Artists/collectives are allowed to submit a maximum of 3 artworks. A R20 hanging fee per artwork will be charged.

  3. A single work with all its components may not exceed 1.8m by 1.8m and the total weight of the work must not exceed 10 kg.

  4. Artworks of all media will be accepted and must be submitted “ready to hang” or display in the case of multi-media submissions.

  5. The work must have not been exhibited before and not older than 1 year.

  6. All works must be for sale, unless otherwise agreed. A 30% commission will be deducted from the selling price of the works.

  7. If the work requires assembly or maintenance, clear instructions must be provided and if it is fragile it must be indicated so.

  8. Submissions must be accompanied by a fully completed entry form.

  9. Works must be delivered to the Athenaeum Building, 7 Belmont Terrace, Central, Port Elizabeth Tuesday 21 until Friday 25 September 2015 at 4PM.

  10. The exhibition will open Tuesday 29 September at 17:30 for 18:00, unsold works must be collected by Friday 30 October 2015. Works not collected will be disposed of at the discretion of the organisers.

  11. Organisers and appointed administrators will not be held liable for any work damaged, howsoever caused.

  12. Organisers and appointed administrators have the right to reject works that does not meet above criteria.


Ikamva Lam "My Future" Arts Group Exhibition

Ikamva Lam (My future) young artists group exhibition

Masifunde Learner Development shows opens on:

Monday 22 June at 5PM and runs until 3rd July at 4PM

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Women in Resistance

They represent more than of half humanity, but more women are still today excluded form their country's economic, political and social life. They are more vulnerable to poverty, lack of education and wars. This statement must not be omitted or overlooked. The photographer wanted to depart from the stereotypical representation which places "the" woman as victimized to recognize the fighting visible or invisible, led by some. Witnessing women's commitment is, if we are willing to consider them, a stark reminder that societies are mixed and their history is equal as feminine as it is masculine. there is recognition of the struggle, contribution but also the sacrifice of these strangers, for survival, dignity, democracy, equality and justice. 

Free From Artists vol.2 Exhibition Opening

You are invited to attend the Free Form Artists Vol.2 Exhibition which is a collaboration of local artists who will be exhibiting.

You are invited to attend the Free Form Artists Vol.2 Exhibition which is a collaboration of local artists who will be exhibiting their work.
You are invited to attend the Free Form Artists Vol.2 Exhibition which is a collaboration of local artists who will be exhibiting their work.

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